Auditory Display Workshop

An international workshop on auditory displays for mobile context-aware systems

In conjunction with PERVASIVE 2005, 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing. Maritim Hotel, Goethestr. 7, M√ľnchen, Germany, 11th of May 2005.

Motivation for the workshop

Mobile contexts are a challenge for context-aware systems. In contrast to fixed indoor contexts, the mobile context is less predictable and more dynamic. Systems that understand the context of a mobile person and his environment and adapt to it can be a great benefit for the person. Especially in a mobile context auditory displays provide a variety of possibilities.

According to the current context a mobile system can:

  • use different types of auditory displays, such as mobile device speakers, personal headphones, ambient displays in rooms or public places,
  • use a variety of mapping between tonal parameters and contextual parameters for audification,
  • support different modes of communication from direct communication to providing awareness information.
  • The goal of the workshop is to address the potential of auditory displays for mobile context-aware systems. The workshop discusses different inference-models that adapt the usage of auditory displays and the type of information displayed according to the mobile context. In this workshop works from the background of the auditory display community and the ubiquitous and pervasive computing research will be presented. A moderated discussion on integrating audio displays for mobile context-aware systems will follow.

    Please find more information on the workshop website.