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>>> Flame 5 on British TV! The jacket will be featured in the Gadget Show in the beginning of April.

>>> AwareFashion’s premier on TV! MTV Latin broadcasted a profile about the AwareFashion collection. Due to copyright issues I can’t post the video.


>>> Flame 5 in Illustreret Videnskab, Kopenhagen, Denmark


>>> Melodious Walkabout in BPM, Hollywood, USA
I have been interviewed by BPM, one of America’s leading journals covering the electronic lifestyle (circulation 350000). Michael J. Cervieri wrote a great article about my thesis Melodious Walkabout. They also created an excellent artwork for the article.


>>> AwareFashion in Mobile < Wireless, Praha, Czech Republic
Article and Interview


>>> AwareCuffs in Next Magzine, Hong Kong, China
Sammy Poon Kin Man covered AwareCuffs for the Next Magazine. Here is a sniplet of the online version.


>>> Flame 5 in Boston Globe, USA
Geek chic on the runway. Design and gadgetry interweave as fashionistas begin to embrace tech.

>>> Flame 5 in The Phoenix, USA
Flame 5 - SMS 2 Heat

>>> Flame 5 in The Tech (MIT), USA, The magic of SIGGRAPH

>>> Flame 5 in The Press Enterprise, USA, Put your tech on

>>> Flame 5 in Timeswv, USA, Hot tech: the fashion of the future

>>> AwareFashion in Electronics Weekly, London, UK (Article and Interview)
circulation 43000 subscribers



>>> AwareFashion was featured in the book ‘Everyware : The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing’ by Adam Greenfield.

>>> The AwareFashion Shirt will be featured in the forthcoming book “Mobile Audience” by Martin Reiser.

On the Web

>>> ASAP “Hot tech: the fashion of the future” (Interactive)

>>> Helio Channel Flame 5 featured on the Helio Channel, which is carried on Helio handsets

>>> Mobile Magazine “Flame 5 jacket heats up when your phone rings”

>>> Ounae “Flame 5, mensajes que encienden pasiones”

>>> Gadget Garden “Flame 5″

>>> Gizmodo Japan

>>> The Coolest Gadgets “Bluetooth-Enabled Jacket”

>>> Nextnc “Hot tech: the fashion of the future”

>>> Gadget Bloggers “Is It Hot In Here, Or Is There A Call Coming In?”

>>> El Singular “Enciende la llama de tus comunicaciones”

>>> Teckie Diva “It’s Getting Hot in Here!”

>>> DotGizmo “Flame 5 Bluetooth-enabled jacket”

>>> Shiny Shiny “Flame 5 Bluetooth heated jacket”

>>> übergizmo “Flame 5 Bluetooth-enabled jacket”

>>> Textually “Flame 5 offers mobile phones a more sensual and calm communication via heat.”

>>> Gizmología “Flame 5, tus mensajes me calientan”

>>> Technochica “Flame 5, una chaqueta calientita.”

>>> WearTec “AwareFashion Shirt detects presence of mobile phones”

>>> Gizmowatch “A Jacket That Senses Mobile Phone”

>>> LARGEUR Cette chemise … n’entache donc ni le look ni le bien-être.

>>> Near Near Future:“Melodious Walkabout: PDA-based auditory navigation system”

>>> Engadget “AwareFashion project provides cellphone alerts via clothing”

>>> EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center, article Glimpse of what’s to come

>>> Textually “The shirt that senses switched-on mobile phones”

>>> Smartmobs “Aware Fashion: Clothing That Detects Wireless Devices”

>>> Softpedia “Camasa care detecteaza activitatea celularelor” (Italian)

>>> Smartmobs “The shirt that senses mobile phones”

>>> Ira Vehementi “Detecta teléfonos móviles con tu camisa” (Spanish)

>>> ITNEWS.SK “Kosela, ktora cíti prítomnost mobilov” (Slovak)

>>> Mobile Bulgaria (Bulgarian)

>>> Onliner - Digital Lifestyle (Russian)

>>> MPort (Russian)

>>> Share you life AwareFashion… aware! (French)

>>> Charshija Queen Da ne bi sta propustili (Bosnian)

>>> mobileblog.it - “Illuminami i polsini” (Italian)

>>> Sensory Impact - “This week’s glimpse of whats to come”

>>> GEAR live: “Melodious Walkabout Auditory Navigation System”

Exhibitions and Conferences

>>> The Flame 5 jacket was invited to the SIGGRAPH Unravel Fashion Show. The brilliant fashion show was organized by Amanda Parkes and attracted 4600 people. SIGGRAPH is the premiere international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

>>> AwareFashion will be presented at the renowned VIPER FESTIVAL. The technophile fashion design was nomiated in the category ‘processing’ and can be seen live in Basel, Switzerland. VIPER is one of the major European film, video and new media festivals.

>>> My thesis Melodious Walkabout was selected for the 15 year celebration of the faculty Digital Media, Press Release of Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences (German)

>>> My paper about my diploma thesis Melodious Walkabout was accepted at International Conference on Pervasive Computing 2005 and I was invited to present my work.

>>> Fraunhofer Institute FIT presented Melodious Walkabout at LEARNTEC, the European Conference and Specialist Trade Fare for Educational and Information Technology.

>>> Melodious Walkabout was presented at CeBIT, the world’s largest trade show for information and telecommunications technology by Fraunhofer Institute FIT.