Flame 5

A Bluetooth enabled jacket communicating via heat

Flame 5 (F5) is a jacket that connects to your personal mobile via Bluetooth and enables communication via heat. If a person sends an SMS (TEXT) to a remote person wearing Flame 5, the clothing heats up depending on the personal message. Flame 5 works with standard Bluetooth mobile phones.

This work was developed at the Ambiente Group, Fraunhofer IPSI (website) by

Researcher Richard Etter
Fashion Designer Nina Marquart
Research Assistant Eugen Berlin
Research Assistant Vitaliy Rapp


The jacket can be configured conveniently via the personal mobile. Depending on the person sending the sms and its contents, different parts of the shirt heat up for different durations. The wearer can configure the jacket via his or her mobile phone. The users define which words or sentences heat up which parts of the clothing for how long. This is important, since it enables users to define their own language or heat patterns that suit best to them. E.g. heat near the heart for a sms from your loved-one. Let your imagination fill in the details from there. Since the interaction shall be simple, the jacket works with standard Bluetooth mobile phones.

Today’s mobile phones use sound, vibration and light to interact with the user and use rather alerting mechanisms. Flame 5 offers mobile phones a more sensual and calm communication via heat. Heat has been chosen since it is often associated with emotional connectedness. Moreover heat can be felt unobtrusively and in the periphery of the wearer’s attention.


Embedded in the jacket is light-weight technology that allows the mobile device of the wearer to connect to the jacket wirelessly and to specifically heat parts of the clothing. The following technical components are seamlessly integrated in the jacket. A Bluetooth module that enables communication with the mobile phone. A custom-built circuit board that is attached to the bluetooth module and controls the heating elements. A small battery pack. And finally heating elements that are connected to the circuit board. When developing the hardware the focus was on minimal size of all components. All hardware that is not water-proof is stored in small pockets and can be easily detached which enables to wash the jacket.


>>> The Flame 5 jacket was invited to the SIGGRAPH Unravel Fashion Show in Boston, USA. The brilliant fashion show was organized by Amanda Parkes and attracted 4600 people. SIGGRAPH is the premiere international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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